We are actively working to help preserve our Australian wildlife through our onsite and offsite conservation efforts.

Paradise Country is proud to provide support and funding for threatened and endangered species in the form of habitat restoration, disease research and breeding programs.

Our team also conducts collaborative research with the University of Queensland through practical assistance and funding. Through these selected research projects, we aim to raise a greater knowledge, appreciation and awareness for the wildlife environment and the issues facing it.


Paradise Country has several Eucalyptus plantations that provides vital leaf supply to feed our koalas on site. Having sustainable leaf plantations means that wild habitats that support koalas and native wildlife are not impacted.


Our Nutrition Centre offers guests a unique, up close and educational opportunity to see our Wildlife Keepers prepare diets for our animals at Paradise Country. We work with specialist animal nutritionists and veterinarians to formulate all diets, ensuring our animals receive a stimulating and nutritious diet. The Nutrition Centre is located within the Photo Centre, en-route to entry into the Wildlife Walkthrough.


Did you know Tasmanian Devils are endangered? Sadly, over the years wild populations have been faced with the risk of contracting ‘Devil Facial Tumour Disease’ or DTFD. The disease is transmitted in several ways; the most common however is from individuals biting each other when feeding. These tumors are aggressive, destroying the underlying bone of the jaw which in turn prevents the animals from eating. Devils usually die within six months of contracting the disease. In some highly populated areas 100% mortality rates had occurred and the overall population plummeted by 95%, almost sending this amazingly unique species into extinction.


Because there is no cure for DTFD, the first step to ensure a future for the species, scientists wanted to create a genetically strong disease-free insurance population. The “Save the Tasmanian Devil Program” was established in 2003 with the help of world-class zoological facilities to raise awareness and funds as well as act as ambassadors for wild devils. This breeding program has been so successful in creating a healthy population that in November 2012, 15 zoo-bred devils were released back into the wild on Mariah Island. Less than one year later it was confirmed that 6 of the 8 females had successfully reproduced and were carrying pouch young.

In December 2019 Paradise Country became home to its first resident Tasmanian Devils in support of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. Our state-of-the-art habitat is designed to provide the animals with a stimulating and enriching environment. Be sure to check it out on your next visit! You too can help make a difference by donating to our Save a Mate Conservation Campaign as we raise much needed funds to help ensure this species is alive for generations to come.


Koalas are now an endangered species and need our help. Paradise Country’s Save A Mate conservation campaign is proud to collaborate with the University of Queensland on selected research projects, targeted at increasing our knowledge of the koala so we can help conserve populations nation-wide. Below are a list of the current research projects Paradise Country is contributing to;


(1) Proteomics of the koala gestation/luteal phase – a comparison of pregnant and non-pregnant koalas; Investigating the hormonal and proteomic (proteins in the blood) changes associated with gestation in koalas.

(2) Faecal testosterone metabolite and its relationship to make libido; Male koalas at Paradise Country are being utilised to investigate the relationship between libido, sternal gland size and activity, bellowing (audiograms) characteristics and faecal testosterone.

(3) Oestrous cycle characterisation

(4) Diversity and transmission of koala retrovirus; a Case study in three captive koala populations

(5) Koala Probiotics; Donor koalas are utilised to collect their faeces and extract the bacteria to produce the probiotics that will be administered to wild koalas undergoing antibiotic treatment.

(6) Sperm studies – physiology and cryobiology.

How you can help

Supported by the Sea World Foundation, Paradise Country’s Save a Mate Conservation Campaign helps preserve Australia’s unique and wonderful wildlife. We would greatly appreciate any donation you would be able to make to help us continue this vital work.

Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Found injured wildlife?

Animal Welfare

Paradise Country’s Vet Centre does not currently receive wild or surrended animals. If you find a sick, injured, lost or orphaned animal, please contact the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 624).

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