At Paradise Country we have made it our mission to help conserve Australia’s native wildlife for generations. Proudly supported by the Sea World Foundation, our Save a Mate conservation campaign uses three important keys to success; Conservation, Education and Research.

Conservation; we aim to provide support and funding through conservation initiatives for threatened and endangered species in the form of habitat restoration, disease research and captive breeding programs.

Education; we have established strong wildlife conservation messages delivered in all of our presentations at the park. Paradise Country also runs a successful education program for children of all ages geared towards local schools, in a bid to educate and inspire the next generation of wildlife conservationists.

Research; Save A Mate Campaign will contribute funds towards important research projects aimed at saving Australian Wildlife by providing support, practical assistance and funding for selected research organisations that aim at delivering on conservation outcomes.

Animal Welfare

Providing the best possible care to our animals is of utmost priority at Paradise Country. Our dedicated Animal Care team consists of professionally trained curators, zoologists, zookeepers, veterinary technicians and science graduates.

We provide exceptional veterinary care to all our animals housed at the park. We have an onsite veterinary hospital that is dedicated to the medical care of the animals at Paradise Country. Our wildlife keepers and animal care staff conduct daily health exams on all animals with thorough weekly physical assessments on the majority of our animals achieved through the implementation of positive reinforcement training techniques. Training our animals to participate voluntarily in their health care is integral to their long term care and positive welfare.

We are passionate about preventative health care in all species at Paradise Country. Our veterinary team formulate preventative health programs that ensure our animal's receive relevant vaccinations, check-ups, and treatments. Our animal diets are formulated to provide a nutritious and stimulating diet for all species.

Paradise Country is proudly an accredited facility for positive animal welfare by the Zoo Aquarium Association. Find out more about our animal welfare efforts here.

How you can help

Supported by the Sea World Foundation, Paradise Country’s Save a Mate Conservation Campaign helps preserve Australia’s unique and wonderful wildlife. We would greatly appreciate any donation you would be able to make to help us continue this vital work.

Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Found injured wildlife?

Animal Welfare

Paradise Country’s Vet Centre does not currently receive wild or surrended animals. If you find a sick, injured, lost or orphaned animal, please contact the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 624).

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