Spring On The Farm at Paradise Country

Spring has arrived at Paradise Country and animals of all breeds, colors & sizes are here to be celebrated and welcomed into the world.

Visit the Farm this September to get up close with the cutest and cuddliest babies of all kinds. From September 16th to 8th October the Farm will be overflowing with little ones, so bring your babies to meet ours and don’t miss our favourite time of year at Paradise Country.

Animal Baby Photo Barn
New farm photo backdrop set up in the Animal Nursery to provide a personalized interactive photo experience with a spring baby animal of your choice.
A pre-paid photo opportunity $10.00 per photo.
Photo Times displayed on the day outside the Animal Nursery

Lambing Paddock
Ewes and their baby lambs wonder free in abundance in the lambing paddock for viewing.

Kids will be Kids
A baby goat adventure playground is open for viewing in the Animal walk-through area filled with a herd of baby kids. Watch them climb, jump and scanter with inquisitive speed and agility.

Calf Parade
View our baby Jersey calves playing under the warmth of a fresh Spring sky in the central dairy paddock.

Foals of the Fields
Mare and foal exhibit in the Nursery Paddock.

Animal Nursery
All shapes and sizes. A special display and interaction and educational talks throughout the day featuring hands on arts and crafts with an Animal Baby theme.

Farm Baby Lawn Encounters
Baby animals visit the Farmhouse Lawn throughout the day for personalised encounters.

Kids Activities

Baby Pigs

Baby Koalas

Baby Lambs